What Happens to our Brains When we Exercise and How it Makes us Happier

If you are among the ones who hate going to the gym early in the morning or those who think of numerous excuses to make to avoid going for jogging, aerobics, or swimming, here’s happy news for you! Not only does exercise tone your muscles and your body, but it also makes you happier. How’s it possible?

Do you find yourself panting at the stairs or at the station when you run to catch a bus or train? It could be the lack of exercise. Not only does it land you in embarrassing situations, but like a slow poison, it also reduces your confidence, health, and lifespan. 

A regular exercise schedule makes you fit and helps you fight all sorts of mental and physical ailments. You are also able to sleep well, which is again important for good health. If these are some of the things that exercise does to your body, there is a lot more you need to know on what it does to your brain.