4 Amazing Yoga Poses to Cure your Hangover

Did you tip back too many drinks last night and are wondering what you can do to get relief? If the answer is a ‘yes’, yoga can help to revive a fuzzy mind or aching body and speed the hangover recovery process. It’s a fact that a little yoga can go a long way to minimize suffering from hangovers.

Here are a couple of easy and simple poses in yoga for hangover that can surely help you.

Unconscious sleeping is one of the worrisome side effects of hangovers, only to find yourself waking up with a bad neck and head pain. Corpse pose helps in easing the discomfort and offering better levels of focus. You can place a block beneath your head and roll your head sideways to massage the base of the skull and neck muscles. Or simple follow these steps for a Shavasana for instant relief.