24 Easy Yoga Asanas that will Cure your Back Pain Quickly

Did you know that the spinal cord is responsible, in some way or the other, to keep the whole body together and healthy? It is the root that strengthens and keeps the body erect. But thanks to our sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles, most of us are stuck with a whole lot of back problems, sciatica included. Being a victim of a weak spine myself, I know how difficult it can be to cope with the pain. What’s more? A bad posture and a paunch.

Not anymore! Time to snap out of the pain, the slouching, and the lethargy. Practicing these few simple yoga asanas every day will strengthen your back and help reduce the pain, while also enhancing your posture. Is yoga good for back pain? And the answer is definitely yes! These asanas might seem challenging to you in the beginning. But with practice, and as your back feels more erect, you will ease into the poses and enjoy them too.