Yogurt and Honey for Fast Weight loss

Yogurt and honey for fast weight loss? Does that sound impossible? New studies have shown that honey and yogurt are now linked to a rapid weight loss. There was a lot of research that was made around the globe which shows that these simple snacks could prevent obesity and could help in making a person lose weight. Lose fat with yogurt.

Yogurt is actually a fermented dairy product that was done by adding cultured bacteria tothe milk. Cultured bacteria cause the conversion of the milk’s lactose (disaccharide sugar composed of glucose and galactose that is mostly found on milk) to lactic acid. This gives the peculiar pudding like texture and the unique flavor of yogurt. A nutritious yogurt is composed of only two main ingredients: milk and live cultured bacteria.

When additional ingredients are listed, yogurt becomes less healthy. This fermented dairy product gets its health benefits from the live bacterial cultures that it contains. Yogurt makes a healthy snack because it is rich in protein and contains minimal amount of sugar. Researchers have found out that obese people who included 2 to 3 servings of fat free yogurt on their daily meal lost 61% of their body fat and 22% of their weight in just three months. 14 pounds is the average weight loss of people who ate yogurt during snack time. Yogurt could not only help dieting people to have a fast weight loss, it is also effective in maintaining a lean muscle mass. Muscles are often being compromised throughout the weight loss program. So it is important for people to take into consideration that they have to lose weight without losing their body’s muscles.