Why Washing your Face Once Isn't Enough

Here at MDC, we would love to think that we have all the answers for you. However, there are certain issues that require the insight of a pro. Today we asked skincare guru Stacy Cox to help us get to the bottom of a much talked about subject: double-cleansing. Take it away, Stacy!

Oftentimes, at the top of a facial treatment, a client will turn to me and say,"Yowza! It feels like there's a lot of cleansing going on right now! Stacy, what are your opinions on double- cleansing? Is it necessary? Are there added benefits that come with the extra time, products and effort? How does it work? And what's best for my skin?" Have you ever stopped a moment to ponder this too? If so, allow me to break down the reasons for the double-cleanse.

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