How I Fixed my Marathon Mistake

When I signed up for my first marathon last year, I was less concerned about my time than about whether or not I could physically power through 26.2 miles. When I finally gave in and started training, I was a little bit unprepared for just how much running I'd be doing. I felt like I was always on the treadmill, running around the city, and practically living in my sneakers. The time and energy already required to just run while training (hello, three-hour weekend sessions) meant my marathon prep was taking up a lot of my free time. So, I'll confess: I skimped on the cross-training portion.

As in, I only made it to a handful of weight-training sessions in the 16 weeks I had to train, and the most nonrunning cardio I got was walking to the subway station and an occasional bike ride to the grocery store. I figured that since I didn't have a finishing time in mind, the most important part was ensuring I had racked up enough mileage before I stepped onto the starting line.

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