Home Remedies for Fast Heartburn Relief

Heartburn has increasingly become a chronic condition in modern society. It`s no wonder however. Today we eat greater and greater amounts of processed foods, foods that are little more then chemicals, and pure junk food then we have at any time before in history. We inhale it rather then take the time to chew and savor what we`re eating.

These things have led us to a new condition which I have coined as. Misery after Meal Syndrome, (M.M.S.).

Eating a couple of large meals a day rather then several small meals has greatly aided the increase of M.M.S. Eating foods with lots of fat or dairy in them cause the body to go into overtime with an over production of stomach acid. We then take antacids to alleviate the problem not knowing that this leads to dependency. The body begins to rely on it so it is a never ending circle of heartburn, antacids and heartburn again.