7-Day Medicine Ball Challenge

OK, ladies, it’s time to take your workout to the next level! And Skinny Ms. has the medicine you need to help you do just that. Introducing the 7-Day Medicine Ball Challenge!

So maybe hearing the words “medicine ball” and “challenge” made you groan just a little bit. But fear not. We’ve created a list of seven medicine ball exercises that are creative, and dare we say,maybe even fun. And best of all, if you actually follow this challenge for seven days, you’ll probably be surprised at what seem like some pretty quick results. It might not be your favorite medicine, but as with any medicine, if you use it properly, you should see some pretty desirable improvements in your physical condition!

Take this opportunity to get outside in the nice weather. You don’t need a lot of equipment: just the medicine ball and your body (and a free interval timer app on your phone, if you like). These medicine ball exercises will tone and strengthen, and you can incorporate the 7-Day Medicine Ball Challenge into your workout program on an ongoing basis by moving through the levels. Start with the beginner plan, and celebrate when you get to advanced! Skinny Ms. will be cheering you on, and we’ll be standing by with more medicine when you’re ready.

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