5 Tummy Exercises to Lose Mom Pouch

.Being pregnant and having a child is one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences anyone will ever have. On the other hand, what being pregnant and having a child does to our bodies is not so beautiful. Having a child certainly changes our body, whether for the good or bad, and often times leaves us with extra flab in places that once were flat. One of the most complained about after baby problem area is the “mommy tummy.” 

You know, the extra fat that gathers just above and below your belly button? It seems impossible to get rid of, however, there are some fabulous exercise moves that target your core and shred that belly fat right off that mom tummy. While there are many ab exercises that target this area and work great to shred that fat off your belly, we have chosen 5 that are effective and can be done at home with no equipment. You’re sure to find one ore more that work great for you.

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