5 Simple Ways how Almonds Help you Lose Weight

Did you know that nuts are a perfect weight loss food when eaten in moderation? Have you tried almonds for weight loss and management? It’s time that you try this tasty nut for its amazing benefits.

Obesity is a disease that affects people of almost all age groups. We indulge in crash diets and hard-core exercise. Yet we often avoid consuming nuts, thinking they are high in fats and calories. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity revealed the benefits of almonds for weight loss. The journal found that people eating a restricted diet with added almonds lost more weight than those who consumed complex carbohydrates. This was despite the fact that an almond-enhanced diet provided 40% total fat, while a complex carbohydrate diet provided 18% fat.

Almond is native to the West Asian Mountains and is cultivated across the world as a commercial crop. The fruit is enclosed in a hard shell, which is oval to conical in shape and has a crunchy taste. There are two kinds of almonds – bitter almond and sweet almond.

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