13 Anytime Arm Workouts

You want the wind in your sailboat’s sails, but not in your underarm sails. Displaying a bit more waving action than you’d like when you wave goodbye? As always, Skinny Ms. is here to help. Before we go too far describing our easy arm workouts though, we want to reiterate, once again, that first and foremost, you should love yourself and your body just as you are! There is no such thing as the perfect body, and there never will be. However, when you exercise, it usually makes you feel good,  and that’s what we’re going for here: that, and improving your health!

To that end, this list of 13 easy arm workouts can be done pretty much anytime and pretty much anywhere. So, no excuses! As long as you can stand in one spot and have enough room to spread your arms widely, you’re good to go. And did we mention that they’re quick? Scroll down and choose one now to do in your office before your next meeting, or before your big date, or even while you’re on the phone. There are no rules! Perhaps use location discretion (your boss may or may not like you doing arm circles during your next meeting with your most important client), then we say to feel free to do these easy arm exercises anytime and anywhere the workout spirit moves you!

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