Best Beginner Workouts

It’s time to make a change. You know that. Whether you want to lose the weight that’s crept up on you in the last few years, or you’ve struggled with a health scare, you understand that maintaining a healthy body is key to maintaining a healthy you. But where do you start? Try our favorite beginner workouts, designed just for newbies.

When you’re beginning a fitness program, it’s easy become carried away and jump into a crazy-intense routine. But that’s not always the right strategy. You may become frustrated by exercises your body simply isn’t able to perform at this stage. Jumping head-first (or, rather, feet-first) into a routine that’s too advanced may make you want to quit before you get a single workout under your belt. What’s more, you can injure yourself by pushing your body too hard, too quickly.

That’s why it’s important to follow the best beginner workout routines. The right exercise program will offer basic moves that won’t leave you confused or injured. It may also offer modifications, or variations you can employ if a particular exercise doesn’t feel quite right. In the end, you should feel as though the workout challenged your body in a positive way.

But the best beginner fitness programs, on their own, won’t necessarily get you to that target weight or shape. Eating a healthy diet is a huge part of weight loss success. Learn more about the 7 Simple Steps to Clean Eating, which will help you regain control of your weight by enjoying whole, natural foods. Use this 5-Day Clean-Eating Menu to get started.

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