Facial Exercises For Sagging Neck

Neck is an extension of your face and possibly the first part to show up ageing on the skin. You spend hours on taking care of your face, grooming and massaging it with costly creams and facials, but mostly ignore the neck. A famous Holywood actor Clint Eastwood in his recent movie looked great, though he is almost in his eighties. 

However, what you could not ignore in that movie was his neck, which had a slight gorge it. The kind of physique and health this actor sported is inspirational for older generation, but a small gobble was looking a little unattractive. Although this is not a cause of concern, but it could make you think of how you can prevent that sagging effect of the skin as you grow old. Sagging neck is a part of ageing up process. 

As you grow old, the skin tends to loose its elasticity, and results in drooping skin. The neck is considered to be thin-skinned with nerve attachments. You cannot overturn the process of ageing and elasticity of the skin, but with some exercises, you can firm up the neck and its muscles. This will make the sagging of the neck less visible. 

Be particularly careful with your neck exercises as it can cause pain in your upper and lower back of the shoulders. You can have a trim and flawless neck with the help of some easy neck exercises. Read the article for few simple and helpful exercises.

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